ESD Safe Electric Duster Blower

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This ESD Safe Electric Duster/Blower has a .75 peak HP motor and all steel construction to blast dust, dirt and debris from all of your electronic equipment. It is a greener and more cost effective alternative to canned air products and is designed to safely drain damaging static voltages to ground. This electric duster/blower can be used for cleaning static sensitive equipment such as computers, copiers, printers, data centres, ATM’s, gaming, banking, robotics, telecoms and much more!

It comes with an ESD Safe Crevice Tool and a 4 piece ESD Safe Micro Accessory Kit


Dimensions :
20cm x 18cm x 9cm
Vacuum Weight :
1.3 kg
ESD Safe :
Part Number :

Product Details (ESD_Safe_Electric_DusterBlower.pdf, 1,013 Kb) [Download]

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