Field Service Vacuums

Field Service is defined as 'The maintenance and repair of equipment at the customer's location'. All of the Atrix vacuums listed below are ideal for field service management and engineers on the move, needing a reliable, durable and ESD safe vacuum.

£229.99 ($292.98) (£275.99 ($351.58) inc VAT)
489 (L) x 188 (W) x 236 (H) mm, 5 kg, Standard Filter, Yes, Yes, Yes, VACOMEGAS, VACOMEGAS220, VACOMEGAS220U, VACOMEGAS220F, VACOMEGAS220UCT, VACOMEGAS220FCT, SV-497 Series, 3 Year Limited Warranty, Voltage: 230v, Wattage: 455w, RPM: 20265rpm, Airflow: 35l/sec, Airflow: 126m3/hr, Water Lift (Suction): 387mm H2O, Airwatts: 125, Voltage: 110v, Wattage: 628w, RPM: 21293rpm, Airflow: 39l/sec, Airflow: 140m3/hr, Water Lift (Suction): 490mm H2O, Airwatts: 178
The Atrix Omega Supreme Plus Vacuum features a 1-HP quiet flow-through motor and sound baffles to make it the quietest, most powerful service vacuum on the...
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£139.99 ($178.33) (£167.99 ($214.00) inc VAT)
311 (L) x 191 (W) x 165 (H) mm, 1.81 kg, Standard Filter, Yes, No, Yes, VACEXP-03, VACEXP-03U, VACEXP-03F, VACEXP-03E, VACEXP-04, VACEXP-04U, VACEXP-04F, VACEXP-04E, 18 Month Limited Warranty, Voltage: 230v, Wattage: 375w, Voltage: 110v, Wattage: 600w
The Atrix Express Vacuum is smaller, lighter and more compact than the Omega Supreme, however, it is still a powerful alternative and is light to carry. The...
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