MRI Vacuums

The Atrix MRI vacuum has been specifically designed for the maintenance of MRI machines and other hospital equipment. Complete with a 15 foot non-metallic hose, service personnel can keep the vacuum a safe distance away from the magnetic field; avoiding extremely costly mistakes.

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489 (L) x 188 (W) x 236 (H) mm, 5 kg, HEPA Filter, Yes, Yes, Yes, VACOS220MRI, VACOSMRI, 3 Year Limited Warranty, Voltage: 230v, Wattage: 455w, RPM: 20265rpm, Airflow: 35l/sec, Airflow: 126m3/hr, Water Lift (Suction): 387mm H2O, Airwatts: 125, Voltage: 110v, Wattage: 628w, RPM: 21293rpm, Airflow: 39l/sec, Airflow: 140m3/hr, Water Lift (Suction): 490mm H2O, Airwatts: 178
The Atrix Omega MRI Vacuum features a 1-HP quiet flow-through motor and sound baffles to make it the quietest (less than 70 decibels), most powerful service...
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