Omega Plus Type H Abatement Vacuum

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The new lower priced Atrix Omega Plus Type H Abatement Vacuum is the ideal portable, lightweight choice for hazardous particulate clean-up. It features a high performance motor and now a 1 US gallon (3.8L) ULPA filter as standard. Built to the highest standards using high impact Starex flame retardent polymer for durability and long life, it also features overheat protection.

This version of the Omega Vacuum is specifically designed for hazardous particulate clean-up and perfect for dealing with asbestos removal, mold spores, lead dust, RRP (renovate, repair, paint) and abatement applications. It is important in all of these specialist applications that the machine operator also wears the appropriate clothing and protection for the task in hand.
If using for Asbestos we recommend our fully compliant specialist Type H Asbestos Vacuum.

Featuring a high performance motor and powerful 1400mm suction, the vacuum also comes complete with an EMI/RFI line noise filter.

The ULPA filter which comes as standard in this vacuum has an efficiency rating of 99.999% at 0.12 microns and meets the 'H14' filtration standard as well as being fully compliant with BS EN 1822.

Each vacuum comes complete with the following accessories which are conveniently stored in the lid of the vacuum case:

  • 6' Clear Hose - crucial for identifying any blockages
  • 8' Power Cord
  • Shoulder Strap - for great portability
  • Utility Nozzle with Brush
  • Crevice Tool with Brush
  • Flexible Gooseneck Tool
  • 2 Hose Plugs - sealing any hazardous contents
  • 1 Filter Exhaust Air Plug
  • 1 Filter Air Intake Plug
  • 12 Months Parts Warranty

The 110v version of this vac is supplied with a standard UK power cord and may need to be rewired with a yellow plug depending on the power supply. This is supplied within the box for you.

Included among the accessories with this vacuum, we include a Shoulder Strap that can be clipped onto the main body of the vacuum making it easy to carry and manoeuvre, the relevant Power Cord depending on whether it is a 230v or 110v vacuum, a 6ft Clear Hose which is essential for identifying any blockages within the system, 2 Hose Plugs for ensuring any contamination is kept within the hoses when not in use and 2 Filter Plugs for the same reason. Also, we include the Utility Nozzle with Utility Nozzle Brush, Crevice Tool with Crevice Tool Brush and a Flexible Gooseneck Tool to aid in dislodging any stubborn particles.

Optional Extras

In addition to the accessories that come with the vacuum, we have a selection of extra items that you may find useful. These include our Vacuum Accessory Pack (these should be used as single-use disposable items as they will not get decontaminated), our Drilling Enclosure, our smart Deluxe Vacuum Carry Bag to store the vacuum in, and our Deluxe Vacuum Backpack Harness to enable the user to wear the vacuum instead of carry it.
For more information on these products, please see the related products section or click through on the links provided here.


Dimensions :
489 (L) x 188 (W) x 236 (H) mm
Vacuum Weight :
5.67 kg
Default Filter :
ULPA Filter
ESD Safe :
Part Number :
3M Part Number :
Warranty :
12 Month Parts Warranty

UK/European Spec

Voltage :
Wattage :
Airflow :
Airflow :
Water Lift (Suction) :
387mm H2O
Airwatts :

US Spec

Voltage :
Wattage :
Airflow :
Airflow :
Water Lift (Suction) :
490mm H2O
Airwatts :

Product Details (Omega_Plus_Abatement_Vacuum.pdf, 384 Kb) [Download]

Manual (Omega_Vacuum_Manual.pdf, 660 Kb) [Download]

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