ESD Safe Vacuums

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) is a very serious issue in solid state electronics. The static electricity can damage sensitive electronics within the equipment causing failures & downtime. The way to eliminate this issue when working in and around electronic equipment is to make sure you are using certified ESD safe products.

All of the Atrix International vacuums listed below are ESD safe from tip to toe. They are manufactured with ESD safe hoses and utensils but more importantly these vacuums provide a safe pathway for static electricity to travel. As long as the power cord in plugged into a properly grounded outlet these specialist vacuums drain the dangerous static electricity to the ground.

Professionals from companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Zerox, Unisys, Boeing, Siemens and Phillips are currently using these vacuums.

More information can be found on our ESD Information page.